Teisha loved to sing and play music. She started out in a "family band" with her uncles (see below "Say Uncle" album) and later played with Amelia. She left a notebook filled with lyrics and snippets of gorgeous melodies sung into her phone. Her friends and peers took those snippets and melodies and used them as seeds of inspiration for the songs on the record below titled "Carry On". Proceeds from the sale of benefit "Teisha's Place," a temporary home for transplant recipients and their families. The rest of the CDs listed here are available for purchase on CD Baby.
Say UncleSay Uncle
A Long Lovely List of RepairsA Long Lovely List of Repairs
After AllAfter All
Somewhere Left To FallSomewhere Left To Fall
Por AvionPor Avion
Lost TapesLost Tapes
Carry OnCarry On
"Cover the Leak"